Husband: John Moore Wood (Fig. R272a)
Father: Andrew Jackson Wood [R271]
Mother: Selina (Ware) Wood [R271]
Born: 5/6/1882 in Mingo W.Va.
Died: 6/22/1951, in an automobile accident; buried in the Mingo
    W.Va. Cemetery

Wife: Stella (Mace) Wood (Fig. R272a)
Father: George Washington Ferdinand Jasper Mace
Mother: Mary Vandevender, the first wife of George W. F. J. Mace.
    His second wife was Ida Lemon; see [R351]
Born: 3/12/1886 in Mingo W.Va.
Died: 6/26/1951, after an automobile accident; buried in the Mingo

Married: 1905

Ellis Wilson Wood, 1/18/1906-6/22/1973, m. 1st Edna Marshall, ch.
    Nancy (m. James Kennedy), James; m. 2nd Elsie Lawson
Archie Kenneth Wood, b. 1/1/1908, m. 6/16/1937 to Gwendolyn
    Irene Ward ([S030], one of my major sources in Randolph County);
    Fig. R272b
Andrew Jackson Wood, b. 12/28/1910, m. Ruth Hamilton, ch.
    Denver, Benny (m. Anne Troy; Benny d. 12/25/1986)
Winifred Wood, b. 5/6/1916, m. 4/17/1945 to James Andrews (who d.
    12/5/1983), s. Stephen (m. Dianne Mangano)
Donald Denver Wood, 7/13/1924-11/20/1987, m. 1st Maxine
    Arbogast (8/14/1948). M. 2nd Doris G. See (b. 10/1/1954); ch.
    Sandra (b. 2/28/1955 in Marlinton W.Va., m. 1st Robert Hamrick,
    2nd Harold Crites Jr.), Donald Denver Jr. (b. 8/23/1957 in
    Marlinton W.Va., m. Molly Leary), Rebecca (b. 9/16/1958 in
    Marlinton W.Va., m. Gary Sperendis), Ronald Lee (b. 9/6/1960 in
    Elkins W.Va., m. Gathel I. Hamrick)

When John and Stella married, Stella’s mother gave them a portion of the Samuel Lemon tract of land (see Fig. 361b). John was a farmer and woodsman; he contracted to cut timber. Stella was a fine seamstress and had a loom for weaving rugs and carpets. Gwendolyn Wood [S030] has mostly tragic memories of them: a fire that destroyed the house while Stella was gone and John and Archie were milking in the barn, and a horrible automobile accident near Huttonsville that killed John, Stella, and their daughter-in-law Maxine.

Gwendolyn met Archie in church in Elkwater in 1930: “I decided I liked his looks...we were married in 1937. We lived in Elkins until our house was so we could move-in at Mingo. Were checking the varnish on the floors to see if we could move, when we heard of Pearl Harbor. We went to Baltimore to work in aircraft at Martin during the war, three years. When we got back to Mingo we stayed. Archie worked [for the state Highway Department] until retirement.

“The Postmaster at Mingo died of cancer. I became Postmaster December 16, 1964. The P.O. was in a store owned by Edna Wood (see [R372]). She died and I bought the store. So continued as owner and Postmaster until I retired November 27, 1981. An Officer-in-Charge was appointed for the P.O. It was closed March 29, 1986. Had been established December 21, 1848 with John Q. Wilson [R353], Postmaster.” See also my taped interview with Gwendolyn in 1995, [R919].

Gwendolyn supplied a complete list of the Postmasters at Mingo Flat (after 6/23/1894, Mingo), and noted they were all related to Augustus Wood [R361] until she assumed the position; Archie is a descendent of Tommie E. Wood [R261].

Gwendolyn sold the building, which is now a vacant landmark. It was built two years after the Civil War. Wood’s General Store is poetically and lovingly commemorated in [R911].

Sources: [S030, S031]