Index of Maps

Figure Ib. Map of the area in western Virginia and West Virginia in which most of the people of this web site lived. Rectangles show locations of the more detailed maps listed below.

Figure R001a. Location of counties where the subjects of this volume lived, in Virginia and West Virginia.

Figure R001b. A portion of the first map of Prince Edward County, drawn by John Wood in 1820 [S064].

Figure R002a. Probable location and layout of the 250-acre tract of land on Craigs Creek patented by Joseph Wood in 1782.c map.

Figure R002c. The Glen Wilton and “Wood Town” area of Botetourt County, showing tracts held by people this web site talks about.

Figure R003a. Map of a portion of SE Bath County, showing tracts of land acquired by Wood brothers Edward [R003], Thomas [R252], and Joseph [R254].

Figure R003c. Early land purchases by Woods in Pocahontas and Randolph Counties, West Virginia.

Figure R005b. Area south of Nimrod Hall; Rte. 42 cuts through the figure.

Figure R024b. The SE half of the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike.

Figure R361b. Edward Wood’s “Wedge Lot,” in Randolph County W.Va.