Husband: Andrew (Andy) Jackson Wood (Figs. R271a, R271b)
Father: Thomas Epperson Wood [R261]
Mother: Sarah (Sally) Moore [R261]
Born: 10/15/1850, in Bath County Va.
Died: 8/7/1943, buried in the Mingo W.Va. cemetery

Wife: Selina Elizabeth (Ware) Wood (Fig. R271a)
Father: Warwick Potts (no father is listed on Selina’s birth record;
    Potts is named on her death record [S031])
Mother: Margaret Ware
Born: 1/30/1857
Died: 12/7/1927, buried in the Mingo Cemetery

Married: 7/17/1871 at Hiram Ware’s home, by J. M. Underwood

Mary Bernice Wood, 7/15/1872-4/1941. Buried in the Weston State
    Hospital Cemetery, Weston W.Va. M. 1st William Friel, 2nd Tom
    Baker (8/10/1914)
Sallie C. Wood, 8/5/1875-11/17/1954, m. 10/4/1893 to Taylor
    Painter, ch. Wilbur (Jim), Leora, Marie, Ona, Oliver, George, Mary
    Frances, Clifford
Joseph W. Wood, 9/29/1878-5/9/1964. Buried in Mountain View
    Cemetery, Marlinton W.Va. M. Florence Moore, ch. Wilson, John,
    Mable Hope, Grace
Jacob T. Wood, 4/6/1880-5/10/1897. Buried in Mingo W.Va.
John M. Wood [R272], 5/6/1882-6/22/1951
Robert Lee Wood, 6/11/1884-3/5/1885. Buried in Mingo W.Va.
Anna E. Wood, 1/25/1886-3/4/1954. Buried in Cedar Grove
    Cemetery, Athens Tenn. M. Sam Painter, ch. Homer, Paul, Ralph,
    Ted, Lou, Doris, Andy, Elliot S., Hunter, Tom, Betty. A son of
    Homer Painter is   Walter Painter of Amelia Court House Va.
    (Fig. R271c).
Houston A. Wood [R273], 8/26/1888-9/5/1956
Charles Rolland Henry Bruce Wood, 5/8/1891-4/27/1976. Buried in
    Mingo W.Va. Cemetery. M. Ocie Van Pelt, ch. Pearl (m. Henry
    Channell), Dennis (m. Bryanna Blizzard), Wilson (m. Betty
    Hamrick), Jackie
Maggie G. Wood, 3/19/1896-9/3/1957. Buried at Columbiana Ohio.
12/24/1914 to Perle Clawges, ch. Howard, Lorraine, Charles,
    Thla Jean, Betty Louise
Norval Wood [R274], 12/18/1893-5/6/1981
Minnie A. Wood, 6/23/1901-9/2/1962. Buried in the Hope Cemetery,
    Salem Oh. M. Bart Hobart, ch. Paul, Robert (Fig. R271b), James,
    Charles K.

The father of sons-in-law Samuel L. Painter and Howard Taylor Painter was George Washington Painter (see Fig. R362a), who served in the 31st Virginia Infantry in the Civil War.

Bertha Allman [S096] provides this affectionate remembrance of her grandparents in their later years. “I have lots of memories of Grandfather Wood. My brothers Clarence and Hubert remember Grandmother, but she died the year I was born. Grandmother smoked a pipe according to Hubert, but suffered with asthma...

“Andy and Selina moved often until a small farm with a house was purchased for them by their sons Norval and Bruce...at Mingo. This is where Selina died. Norval said it was the coldest night he had ever experienced. The house was later torn down and Norval bought Bruce’s share. Andy lived with his son, Norval after the death of Selina.

“Andy was hard of hearing in his later years, but was a very hardy and active man. He was a little over six foot tall. Andy was a walker. He would walk to Mingo in the morning which was a distance of 2 to 3 miles, then in the afternoon if he thought of something else he needed he would go to Mace. To get to Mace this was another 2 or 3 miles, up over a hill and ‘through the woods.’ He walked each day until about six weeks before his death.

“Andy did the splitting of wood for the family use. In the fall the woodshed had to be full. He liked guns, watches and his dogs. He liked to trade guns and watches. Andy liked to cut brush and did a lot of trimming around the farm. In Andy’s later years, his favorite spot was in a rocking chair in the corner of the living room beside the warm morning stove. It was very hot but he enjoyed the heat.

“Andy was a regular member of his son’s family. Before school started in the fall Andy would walk the ‘nearpath’ that Norval’s children walked to school. He checked that the foot bridge that crossed a small stream was safe to walk across, if not it had to be repaired. He would do the repairs and make sure the path was cut free of brush. He was very particular that the bridge had hand rails.”

[S105] reports “‘Andy’ was a very strong man...He loved to hunt. A last purchase was a 30-30 rifle, when he was past 90. At 93 years he developed pneumonia which caused his death.”

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