Husband: John Wood Moore
Father: Thomas Moore [R260]
Mother: Martha (Wood) Moore [R260]
Born: 1803
Died: 3/25/1881, aged 78, in Randolph County W.Va.

Wife: Mary (Wood) Moore
Father: Edward Wood [R003]
Mother: Sarah (Gilliland) Wood [R003]
Born: 1807 or 1808
Died: 8/1/1883, aged 75, of “old age,” in Randolph County W.Va.

Married: In Bath County. Marriage bond, 3/7/1828, surety Augustus
    Wood. Edward Wood consents for his daughter Mary. Witnesses,
    Augustus Wood and Joseph Moore. Married by John A. Van Lear,
    3/11/1828 [S002]

Martha Ann Moore, b. ~1829, m. 2/7/1854 to John P. Beathe
Sarah E. Moore, b. ~1830, m. 7/22/1852 to William E. Logan (s. of
    William H. Logan, [R276]), ch. Esta (m. __ Pinkerton), Mary Betty
    (m. __ Glenn), d. in Harrisonburg Va.
Samuel A. Moore, b. 1834, m. 5/8/1861 to Christina M. Brady (d. of
    Samuel and Pheba [Yeager] Brady). [S106] also shows Samuel Moore
    marrying Nancy A. Wilson (see R353), no date given; another Samuel,
    or was this Samuel soon widowed?
Thomas Merican Moore [R376], b. 1835
Amanda V. Moore, b. ~1838 (not in the 1860 census; probably died
John D. Moore, 1842-1/7/1862
Sidney J. Wood, b. ~1845, m. 1874 to John Chenoweth Caplinger (s. of
    Thomas and Margaret [Chenoweth] Caplinger)
Penelope Moore, ~1846-6/4/1858
Augustus M. Moore, b. 1850, m. 12/24/1874 to Ann Zina Caplinger

[S030] lists three other children (Virginia, Dorphan, Joseph) who do not appear on census enumerations; they may have lived only a short time.

(1996) In 1828 Mary Wood of Bath County married her first cousin from Botetourt County, John Wood Moore; they were both grandchildren of Joseph and Mary Wood [R002] through, respectively, Edward [R003] and Martha [R260]. By 1830 Wood and Mary had moved to a tract of land in the Randolph County “Wedge Lot” given them by Mary’s father Edward [R003]; they appear in the 1830 census of Randolph County, next to the household of Joseph Moore. They lived on a portion of tracts M1, M2 of Fig. R361b. The only additional purchase of land by Wood that I know of is 8 acres bought in 1849 from the Edward Wood estate for $16 (DB18-162). In 1851 Wood’s father Thomas Moore [R260] died, leaving one-sixth of his Botetourt County Va. property to Wood and Mary. They sold their interest in the property to Davis Morton Wood [R255] in 1852 (Randolph County DB33-328).

Samuel A. and Thomas M. Moore, together with their cousin James A. Moore [R375], enlisted on 4/30/1863 as Privates in Company I of the 19th Virginia Cavalry. The National Archives records [S088] say little about their Civil War careers. They were paroled in Charleston W.V. 5/11/1865. Their parole slips describe Samuel as age 31, height 5’ 4”, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, light whiskers; Thomas was age 30, height 5’ 8”, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, light whiskers.

Their brother John D. Moore enlisted 5/24/1861 in Company F of the 31st Virginia Infantry, in Huttonsville. He died 1/7/1862 of disease in a hospital [S075].

John Wood Moore’s will was recorded in Randolph County on November 19 1877 (WB6-117): “...I will the house to my beloved wife Mary Moore with all the household and kitchen furniture also two cow and one horse of her selection the residue of my personal estate after the above provisions are complied with, I will to be divided amongst my six children Viz. Martha Ann Beathe the wife of John P. Beathe, Sarah E. Logan the wife of Wm. E. Logan, Samuel E. Moore, Thomas M. Moore, Sidney J. Caplinger the wife of John C. Caplinger and Augustus M. Moore equally further I will and bequest to my son Augustus M. Moore that portion of my farm on which I now live...To my sons Samuel A. Moore & Thomas M. Moore in addition to what I have already given them I will that they shall have all my interest and title to a tract of land lying on Sugar Creek and back fork of Elk the same being a claim heired from Edward Wood decdd...”

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