Husband: James A. Moore
Father: Joseph Moore [R350]
Mother: Amanda (Wood) Moore [R350]
Born: 3/19/1832
Died: 11/9/1874

Wife: Sarah Ann (Channell) Moore
Father: Samuel Channell
Mother: Sarah (Wamsley) Channell
Born: 1834
Died: 6/4/1872

Married: 1/6/1852

Mary Susan Moore, b. ~1854, m. 1st 4/17/1873 to James A. Logan,
    2nd Hamilton Potts, 3rd __ Arbogast Jacob Moore, b. ~1856 (the
    John P. Moore among James’s heirs?)
    William Bukey Moore, b. 1858, m. 9/10/1878 to Virginia E. Moore
    (see [R376]; dau. of Thomas Merican and Sarah Ann [Simmons]
    Moore), ch. Marion, Sarah (m. O. Kyle), Elvira, Roy (m. Mary
    Francis Beale), Viola (m. __Shifflet)
Amanda Moore, b. ~1860, apparently lived only briefly
Thomas Sutlington Moore, 11/9/1863-1/25/1939, m. 6/13/1882 to
    Caroline (Lina) Amelia Moore (10/5/1863-6/16/1924, dau. of
    Thomas Merican and Sarah Ann [Simmons] Moore [R376]). Ch. [see
    Fig. R375a] Sarah Ann (b/d. 7/17/1883); Laura (4/8/1885-
    12/19/1961); Merica [see R373]; unnamed child (b/d. 1/8/1889);
    John (1/1/1890-8/7/1961); Thomas (12/8/1891-7/14/1981); unnamed
    son (b/d. 4/23/1894); Joseph (9/1/1899-9/18/1963); unnamed
    daughter (b/d. 2/14/1904). It is tempting to ascribe this record of 4
    stillbirths out of 9 deliveries to the longstanding Wood/Moore
    tradition of marriages between first cousins.
Caroline (Lina) H. Moore, b. ~1865, m. __ Simmons
Sarah (Sally) Moore, not married
Joseph B. Moore

(1996) James Moore, together with his cousins Samuel A. and Thomas M. Moore [see R354], enlisted on 4/30/1863 as Privates in Company I
of the 19th Virginia Cavalry. The National Archives records [S088] say little about their Civil War careers. They were paroled in Charleston W.V. 5/11/1865. James’s parole slip describes him as age 34, height 5’ 7”, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, light whiskers.

James and Sarah died young, Sarah in 1872 and James in 1874. James’s will was probated 12/18/1874. It named as devisees his children Mary, John, Bukey William, Thomas, Caroline, Sarah, and Joseph, and a wife named Henrietta; apparently he remarried after Sarah’s death.

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