Father: Herbert Holt Wood
His father: Samuel H. Wood [R372]
His mother: Fannie M. (Beaty) Wood [R372]
Born: 6/4/1887
Died: 2/11/1973

Mother: Merica (Mec) Moore (Fig. R373a)
Her father: Thomas Sutlington Moore, s. of James A. Moore [R375]
Her mother: Caroline Amelia (Moore) Moore, dau. of Thomas Merican
    Moore [R376]
Born: 1/20/1887
Died: 11/20/1951

(1996) Herbert (22) and Merica (22) had a son out of wedlock, William Herbert Wood [R374, Fig. R373a], b. 11/16/1909. He was raised by Joseph and Mary (Crickard) Moore, Merica’s brother and sister-in-law. Merica later married Martin Howard Beale.

Herbert’s wife: Ruth (Randolph) Wood
Born: 5/23/1880
Died: 10/24/1984

Married: 5/1912

Source: [S031]