Husband: Thomas Moore
Born: ~1770
Died: 1851 in Botetourt County

Wife: Martha (Wood) Moore
Father: Joseph Wood [R002]
Mother: Martha (Epperson) Wood [R002]
Born: 7/27/1774
Died: After 1850

Married: 2/2/1795, in Botetourt County. Consent, Joseph Wood;
    witnesses, William Swetman and Carlos Wood; minister Edward
    Mitchell (Methodist) [S008]

    Clarinda Moore [R262], ~1800-1855
    John Wood Moore [R354], 1803-1881
    Joseph Moore [R350], 1805-1885
    Sarah (Moore) Wood [R261], 1812-1883
    Mary Ann (Moore) Logan [R275], ~1820-1884
    Elizabeth (Moore) Melone [R270]
    Thomas A. Moore

I know nothing of Thomas Moore’s life before his marriage to Martha Wood in 1795. In 1802, Joseph and Martha Wood sold 150 acres of their land, tract J4 in Fig. R002c, to their son-in-law Thomas for £400 (DB8-54). Thomas and Martha appear in the Botetourt census of 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850.

In 1820 Thomas sold his property to Joseph Wood Jr. [R254] for $1500 (DB14-295). In 1823 Joseph sold the tract back to Thomas Moore for the same amount of money (DB14-487). The farm probably served as collateral on a loan Joseph made to Thomas Moore.

The 1850 census of Botetourt County shows Thomas (80), Martha (75), and unmarried Clarinda (50) living together. Thomas died the next year. His will, written in 1849, left his property (including two slaves) to his wife Martha during her lifetime; thereafter it was to be divided into sixths, each share running from the River to the back line, and five of these given to his children Clarinda, John Wood, Joseph, Sarah, and Mary Ann. The sixth was allotted to the heirs of his deceased daughter Elizabeth. Then the will said, “I have allotted to my son Thomas Moore, his portion of my plantation which I bequeath to him and his heirs forever.” I know little else of Thomas Moore Jr. On 5/6/1834 he signed the marriage bond for his sister Sally’s marriage to Tommie E. Wood [R261]. Davis M. Wood [R255] received an uninformative letter from him written 9/23/1869.

When and where Martha died is unclear. According to [S117], after Joseph’s death she “moved to Randolph County with children, buried there.” However, there is no gravestone for her in the Moore section of the Mingo Cemetery in Randolph County, or elsewhere that inhabitants know of. Other sources quoted by [S077] say she died in Botetourt County, which seems more likely. She must have died soon after her husband, because the property that was hers for her lifetime began to be liquidated in 1852.

None of the first five heirs named in Joseph’s will was living in Botetourt County at that time. Davis Morton Wood [R255] bought their shares of the property. In 1852 he acquired the one-sixth share of Thomas E. and Sally (Moore) Wood (Bath County DB31-406); in 1855 four other devisees (John W. and Mary Moore, Joseph M. and Amanda Moore, Mary Ann [Moore] and Alexander Logan, and Clarinda Moore), who were living in the Mingo W.Va. area, sold him their shares in one deed (Randolph County DB33-328).

Sources: [S077, S083]