Husband: Samuel Davis Wood
Father: Thomas Wood [R252]
Mother: Sarah A. (Davis) Wood [R252]
Born: 9/15/1818, in Botetourt County Va.
Died: 1/31/1897 in Botetourt County Va. Buried, with wife Panthea,
    in the Wood Family Cemetery in Glen Wilton Va.

First wife: Panthea A. (Davis) Wood
Father: Henry P. Davis, see [R268]
Born: 5/14/1818, in Prince Edward County Va.
Died: 11/15 /1887, in Botetourt County Va.

Married: 8/16/1842, in Prince Edward County

Thomas Henry Wood C.S.A. [R281] (1844-1879)
Ann Elizabeth Wood b. ~1848, m. 10/11/1871 to Samuel F. Spencer
    (b. 1847 in Charlotte County), d. Dallas Tex.
Lucian A. Wood b. ~1849
Branch Osbourne Wood b. 1850, m. 12/16/1874 Lucy Emma Davis
    (granddaughter of Sarah [Wood] Rowland [R277]), ch. Frank O.
    Wood, Samuel D. Wood, Virginia Wood Creswell Hatcher.
William Parks Wood [R269] (1/14/1851-9/21/1925)
Mary Virginia Wood (8/20/1853-4/3/1858)

(Thomas Henry and Sarah Wood, William Parks and Emma Wood, and Mary Virginia Wood are also buried in the Wood Family Cemetery near Glen Wilton).

Second wife: Antonette (Nettie) D. (Taurman) Wood
Father: Elisha Taurman
Mother: Susan E. (Reynolds) Taurman (see [R265])
Born: 1845 in West Virginia
Died: 1907, buried Locust Bottom Cemetery, Botetourt County

Married: 11/4/1891, in Botetourt County

Stepchild (ward):
Earl C. Meaks

When Thomas Wood died in 1849, he willed tracts T1, I2, and J2 (Fig. R002c) to his son Samuel Davis Wood (WBG-595). Tract J2 included the house Thomas had lived in and the Wood Family Cemetery (indicated in Fig. R002c). Thomas’s will provided that his widow, Sarah, and their unmarried daughters Mary, Frances, and Sarah, should have a home in the house as long as Sarah lived and, in the case of the daughters, they remained single. The will distributed Thomas’s slaves and a tract of land in the Rich Patch in Alleghany County among his daughters.

Some time prior to 1876 John L. Circle, who owned tract C1 in Fig. R002c, died. In that year, after complex litigation, his property was divided among his eight heirs (DB38-392). Between 1881 and 1887 Samuel Davis Wood systematically bought out the interests of the Circle heirs, most of whom no longer lived in Botetourt County, in the 207-acre portion of the estate that comprised the (iron) “Ore Bank Tract,” between Glen Wilton and the crest of Rich Patch Mountain (e.g., DB40-599; see [S099] about the iron industry in that time).

In 1887 Samuel’s wife Panthea died. Samuel began winding up his affairs. On 3/25/1890 he conveyed title to the eastern portion of his home farm to his son William Park Wood, with the stipulation that he be allowed to receive income and rents from the land until his death (DB46-298). On 10/21/91 he similarly deeded the western portion of his property, which included his home (referred to as “the Brick Mansion;” it is unclear when this was built) to his son Branch O. Wood (DB51-521). This time the deed also stipulated that Samuel be allowed to “peaceably & quietly occupy the Brick Mansion in which he now is,” and further that “...in the event of marriage - now contemplated and his wife be a widow then a room in the Brick Mansion, known as the Ell, and the lands with free undisturbed right of ingress and egress to and from the same is reserved to her use and benefit during widowhood...”

On the same day Samuel deeded one half of his interest in “...certain iron ore land, known as ‘the Circle Ore lands,’...on the East face of Rich Patch Mountain...to Miss Nettie Taurman,...in consideration of love, and affection which the said S. D. Wood hath, and beareth for Miss N. Taurman, and the further consideration that she become his lawful wife...” (DB51-543). Two weeks later Samuel, 72, married Nettie Taurman, 46. On 12/31/1891 he deeded to Nettie “a buggy with cushions harness and all fixtures thereto belonging, a certain two year old mare named Bett, two Jersey cows and a heifer, with all the rents issues and profits thereof, which shall be and continue her separate Estate not subject to my marital right, use, control, or disposal...” (DB55-472).

In a deed dated 2/5/1895 Samuel, “...in consideration of love, and affection, and an earnest desire to contribute to and assure for her a comfortable maintainance during life, especially in the event of being left a widow, of which he is adminished (sic) by age and increasing infirmities as quite probably in the near future...” gave Nettie the other half of his title to the Circle Ore lands. Samuel died 1/31/1897. On 12/25/1899 Samuel’s children and grandchildren filed a suit attempting to “set aside and annul the deed dated February 5, 1895...”, claiming it was “fraudulent and void” (DB57-463). I don’t know the outcome of this suit.

Nettie died ten years after Samuel. Her will (WB2-380) offers little information except that she wanted to be buried next to her late brother, T. A. Taurman, rather than Samuel; and she gave “...to Earl C. Meaks, whom I have virtually raised since he was Six or Seven years old all of My Property both real and personal...”

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