Husband: William Parks Wood (Fig. R269a)
Father: Samuel Davis Wood [R264]
Mother: Panthea A. (Davis) Wood [R264]
Born: 1/14/1851 in Botetourt County Va.
Died: 9/21/1925 in Botetourt County Va.

Wife: Emma Frances (Harnsberger) Wood (Fig. R269a)
Father: Amos A. Harnsberger
Mother: Ann B. Harnsberger
Born: 11/21/1857 in Alleghany County Va.
Died: 2/21/1919 in Botetourt County Va.

Married: 12/12/1878, near Healing Springs, Bath County Va.

Children (Fig. R269b):
Anna Elizabeth Wood, b. 11/6/1879 in Glen Wilton Va., m. 1st
    7/25/1900 to James Bell Poague* (b. 8/17/1874 in Haden Va.), ch.
    Daisey Frances, Robert Watson, Frank Parks, George James. M.
    2nd __ Hale
Lillian Virginia Wood, b. 7/15/1881 in Glen Wilton, m. 1st 9/10/1910     to Benjamin Lee Watson, s. Benjamin Parks; m. 2nd to Frederick W.     Stiewert
Eva Clyde Wood, 8/21/1883-1965. M. 7/1/1909 to Dr. Millongton
    Miller, ch. Eva Clyde, Marian
Frances Wills Wood (Fig. R269c), b. 9/14/1885, m. George Gilmer
    Poague* (b. 10/15/1877), no ch.
Maude Cleveland Wood, b. 7/18/1887 in Glen Wilton, d. 9/1965, m.
    8/24/1909 to Frank Eugene Dillard (d. 12/1977), ch. Marguerite
    Frances, Maude Eugenia, Elizabeth Elise, Frank Eugene Jr.
Katherine Louise Wood, 6/25/1889-10/24/1945, m. William J. Allen,
    3 ch.
Emmett Russell Wood (Fig. R269d), b. 3/22/1891 in Glen Wilton, d.
    12/1977. A World War I veteran. M. 11/5/1918 Anna Mary
    Elizabeth Mehring, Dau. Anna Brownlee
Ruth Miller Wood, 1/22/1893- ~1905
Vernon Maxwell Wood (Fig. R269d), 2/3/1895-5/20/65 [R279]
Edna Nathalie Wood, b. 1/19/1898 in Glen Wilton, d. 1965, buried
    in Arlington National Cemetery. M. 1st 4/28/1929 to Harold
    Garland Hurt, ch. Eleanor Nathalie and Harold Wood; 2nd
    5/25/1938 to Obie Hunter Smith; 3rd to George M. Routzahn
Juanita Godwin Wood, b. 1/31/1900 in Glen Wilton, d. 1976. M. 1st
    to James Branham, 2nd (1937) to Gordon H. Seay (no children),
    3rd to Elliot Craighead
* Brothers.

William Parks Wood was a farmer and schoolteacher. His home (Fig. R269e) was in the Woodtown area of Botetourt County, Va., between Glen Wilton and the James River. The C&O Railroad crossed his property, and the engineer would stop the train if a member of Wood's family wanted to disembark there [S138].

Sources: [S083, S138]