Husband: Thomas Henry Wood
Father: Samuel Davis Wood [R264]
Mother: Panthia Ann Davis [R264]
Born: 9/24/1844, in Botetourt Co., Va.
Died: 2/13/1879, when a tree he was cutting at his farm fell on him.
      Buried in the Wood Cemetery at Glen Wilton, Botetourt Co., Va.

Wife: Sarah Ann (Anderson) Wood
Father: William Anderson
Mother: Georgiannah (Backus) Anderson
Born: 8/17/1845, Botetourt Co., Va.
Died: March 14, 1926, Botetourt Co., Va. Buried in the Wood Cemetery
      at Glen Wilton, Botetourt Co., Va.

Married: 11/l/1865 in Botetourt Co., Va.

Alva Backus Wood [R282] (1866-1942)
Samuel Ashby Wood b. 1/27/1868 in Botetourt Co., m. Willie Deisher
      (b. 9/1870, Botetourt Co.), ch. Lawrence Ashby Wood, Jr., b. 1918
Georgiannah Wood b. 12/14/1870, m. 6/25/1807 in Botetourt Co to
      Charles H. Marks (b. Amherst Co.. Va.)
Emma J. Wood b. 2/16/1872, Botetout Co., m. 5/13/1903 in Botetourt
      Co. to James William Wright
Clara B. Wood b. 7/26/1874 in Botetourt Co., d. 1937, Botetourt Co.
      M. Sam W. Noell (b. 4/1881), Botetourt Co. Ch. Mona Lee Noell
      (1/30/1906), Samuel Rexford Noell (4/1/1907), Clara Noell (1908)
Henry William Wood b. 7/9/1878, Botetourt Co., d. 11/11/1928,
      Botetourt Co., Va., m. Mary E. "Mame" Simpson, b. 3/6/1885,
      d. 3/5/1965, Botetourt Co. Ch. Cleo Virginia Wood (9/26/1909-
      1/30/2004). Henry William Wood, his wife Mary E. Simpson, and
      their daughter Cleo Virginia Wood are all buried in the Wood
      Cemetery in Glen Wilton.

After the death of Thomas Henry Wood in 1879 his widow Sarah Ann
      Anderson Wood remarried Stuart C. Agee 1/19/1892. Agee was b.
      4/5/1855, d. 7/12/1926 in Botetourt Co., and is buried in the Wood
      Cemetery, Glen Wilton, Va. No children of this marriage.

(2008) Thomas Henry Wood entered the Virginia Military Institute
9/2/1862 with the Class of 1867. (VMI records have his name as Henry
Thomas Wood.) He was a member of the VMI Corps of Cadets that
marched from Lexington, Va. (home of VMI) to fight in the Battle of New Market, Va. on 5/15/1864 [S168]. The Corps of Cadets fought as a
unit. Two hundred fifty-seven cadets were on the field, organized into
a battalion. Ten cadets were killed in the battle or died later. Forty-five
more were wounded.

The VMI biography of Henry Thomas Wood states that thereafter he
served with the Corp of Cadets in the trenches near Richmond until he
resigned sometime between May 1864 and the end of the Civil War in
Apri1 1865. He was made an honorary graduate of VMI, Class of 1867,
on July 4 1869.

     Sources: [S166, S167]