Husband: Archelius Reynolds
Born: ~1775, Amherst County Va.
Died: 1864 in Botetourt County

First wife: Elizabeth (Rucker) Reynolds
Born: 1775?

Married: 9/9/1797, in Amherst County

Willis M. Reynolds, m. 10/15/1822 in Amherst County to Judith D.
    Dawson; living in Lincoln County Mo. in 1873
Isaac R. Reynolds, b. ~1801 in Amherst County, d. 1873. M. 1st
    8/3/1829 to Ann Cox (ch. Milnor Reynolds, ~1830; Ann E.     Reynolds, ~1832), m. 2nd 7/25/1833 to Sarah P. Rucker, b. ~1803
Charles B. Reynolds
Obadiah F. Reynolds, m. 11/5/1825 in Amherst County to Lucy R.
    S. Bell, ch. Victoria E. (m. George M. Gillespie in Buckingham
    County, 1873), Ella O. (m. Richard A. Davis in Prince Edward
    County, 1873), Archer (m. Hellan V. __ in Buckingham County,
    1873), Isaac O. (m. Addie W. __ in Buckingham County, 1873),
    Robert W. Reynolds (living in Buckingham County in 1873)
Nancy Ann T. Reynolds, b. ~1805, m. 5/9/1825 to George W.
    Pettyjohn in Amherst County; ch. James (b. ~1826), Isaac (b.
    ~1828), Henrietta G. (b. ~1830, m. 12/19/1850 in Amherst County
    to Stephen Watts [b. 1825], 10 children), Mariah (b. ~1833), Sally
    (b. ~1838), George W., Jr. (b. ~1839), Seth (b. ~1842), John (b.
    ~1845, m. Nannie __ [b. ~1846], son William F. [b. ~1866]),
    Lucian (b. ~1849)

Second wife: Sarah (Sally) (Miller) Reynolds
Father: David Miller, b. 10/7/1768, m. Susannah __ 5/1/1790 in
    Rowan County N.C.
Mother: Susannah (Zevely) Miller, b. 7/8/1768, dau. of Henry and
    Elenor (Enochs) Zevly (m. 4/1762 in Rowan County N.C.)
Born: ~1790 in Rowan County N.C.


Corbin M. Reynolds, b. 1825 in Amherst County near Lynchburg, d.
    2/1890 in Botetourt County. M. 1st to ?, no children. M. 2nd
    4/4/1854 in Botetourt County (Rev. Davis M. Wood) to Mary J.
    Haden (b. ~1830 in Campbell County; parents Richard G. and E. C.
    Haden), no children; they appear in the 1850 census, and in the 1870
    census (Fincastle Township, Botetourt County). M. 3rd 6/21/1883 to
    Georgia Annie McClung (b. 1847, Tuscumbia County Ala., parents
    Joseph and Amanda McClung), one child: Corbin M. Reynolds, Jr.,
    b. 8/19/1884 in Botetourt County
Sarah Eleanor Reynolds, 9/29/1823-8/7/11 [R255]
William A. Reynolds, b. 1829 in Amherst County, appears in 1850
    Botetourt County census; d. of typhoid, 1861 (see [R255, R910])
Demarius A. Reynolds, b. ~1834 in Amherst County, m. 12/10/1856
    in Botetourt County (Rev. Davis M. Wood) to Edward L. Pettyjohn
    (A farmer in Amherst County; b. there in 1828, parents Wiatt [b.
    1798] and Jane [Cox, b. 1800] Pettyjohn). In the 1870 census they
    are in Elon Township., Amherst County. Children Edward M.
    Pettyjohn ~1858, Corbin R. Pettyjohn ~1856
Susan E. Reynolds, m. Elisha Taurman, dau. Antonette D. Taurman     (see [R264])

(1996) Most of Archelius Reynolds’s children were born before he came to Botetourt County. In 1834 he bought tract R1 in Fig. R002c, 400 acres, from Charlotte Pitzer for $1200 (DB20-629).

After Archelius’s death his Executor (Davis Morton Wood), in accordance with his will, in 1873 advertised his property for sale at public auction, in order that the proceeds could be divided among his heirs. The property was bought by his son Corbin Reynolds for $5000 (2/23/1880, DB40-89).

Corbin Reynolds was a traveller and a man-of-the-world, probably a lawyer; if not, a businessman. Several letters from him to Davis Morton Wood [R255] are held by [S083]. One written from New Orleans 1/28/1848 discusses at length his Botetourt County business affairs, which Davis is managing in absentia. He then says “I have made arrangements to enter into business in this country and I want to square every thing in Va...I expect to live in Cincinnati during the summer and in this place during the winter, my partner and I swapping places. I love the Old Dominion very dearly and had rather live there than anywhere else, but for some circumstances which I need not mention to you-...” Nonetheless he did spend most of his life in Botetourt County, and after the Civil War he bought the family property there (above). On 3/7/1880 Corbin sent Davis a note with the letterhead of the Treasurer’s Office, Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, accompanying his check, “the balance due for your interest in the second payment on the Ore Bank...”

[S139] notes that “Businessmen from northern states purchased 1800 acres of land from Corbin M. Reynolds under the ruse for it to be used for sheep farming. They instead started to build a blast furnace adjacent to the path of the railbed for the new railroad. The furnace was competed in 1884 and operated until 1920-21. There are visible foundations of the furnace within 100 yards of the [Glen Wilton Presbyterian Church] building.”

Sources: [S077, S083]