Husband: Mathieu Agé
Father: Anthony Agé
Mother: Judith (Chastain) Agé

Wife: Ann (Gandovin) Agé
Father: Isaac Gandovin

Isaac Agee, m. 1st __ Binnin, 2nd Mary Ann Lucado, no known
James Agee [R570], m. Marie Faure (Mary Ford)
Anthony Agee, m. 1st Nancy Jane Binnin, 2nd Christian Worley,
eleven sons and one daughter
Judith Agee, m. Noah Austin, no known issue

Only the descendants of Mathieu Agé changed the spelling of their names to Agee (pronounced ajee).

“Mathieu Agé, son of Anthony Agé and his wife Judith Chastain, was born in France, fled to Holland due to religious persecution, then went with the army of King William (III) to England, and probably came to Virginia from Ireland...It is certain that he came to Virginia prior to 1704...and was one of the founders of the French Colony at the Manakintowne (now in Powhatan County, Va.). He married Ann Gandovin, dau. of Isaac Gandovin and lived at or near Five Forks (on State Route 711), his plantation bordering on the south side of the
James River. He later patented 800 acres on Jones Creek and
Mathieu’s Branch near Five Forks. In 1738 he had sold these places
and patented 300 acres just north and east of Flat Rock on Route 60. About 1756 he sold this last tract and moved with his wife, Ann, to Buckingham County, Va. (then Albemarle) where he had patented
land as early as 1746. He was living in 1761, as he deeded land at that time to his son, James. He died before the tithe list of 1773...” [S151].

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