Husband: James Agee
Father: Mathieu Agé [R571]
Mother: Ann (Gandovin) Agé [R571]
Born: 1724, near Five Forks in the Manakintowne, Virginia
Died: 1820, near present Dillwyn in Buckingham County Va.

Wife: Marie (Mary) (Faure, Ford) Agee
Father: Jacque Faure (James Ford), s. of Pierre Faure
Mother: Ann (Bondurant) Faure (Ford), dau. of Jean-Pierre

Born: 9/2/1730
Died: 1821

Married: 1746

Noah Agee, m. Martha Mask, had 8 children, moved to Alabama
James Agee Jr., lived on the Slate River
Jacob Agee (1756-1832)
John Agee, m. Sicily Ann Hill
Hercules Agee, no trace
Joseph Agee (1770-1849), m. 1st Grace Mask, 2nd Nancy

Rhoda Agee [R576], m. Rev. Thomas Bondurant, d. 1845
Ruth Agee, m. Darby Bondurant
Celia Agee, m. James Bransford, moved to Georgia
Chloe Agee, m. Charles Garrett
Mary Agee, m. Isaac Garrett, moved to Kentucky
Ann (Nancy) Agee, m. Benjamin Radford, moved to Kentucky

“The record of the U. S. War Department Adjutant General’s Office show that James Agee served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier of the Virginia Infantry. His name appears only in a book containing a list of Virginia soldiers, which shows that £36 was paid by the State of Virginia, Dec. 10, 1783, on account of his service.

“He was born in 1724; married to Miss Elizabeth Ford in 1747, and died in 1821. His wife was born in 1729 and died in 1821. Jame Agee lived and died in Buckingham County, Va.” [S065]

“...He was a man of fine character and stalwart physique and very successful in business.” His father deeded “his beloved son, James” 400 acres in 1761 (Albemarle County Deed Book, p. 14); he received letters patent for 300 acres (SB33-670) and 400 acres (SB38-697), both in Buckingham County [S151].

The Rev. James W. Agee, in the AGEE RECORD, stated this husband and wife lived together 74 years. Their home was a meeting place for preaching services for many years. Bishop Asbury preached there and mentioned brother Agee in his diary.

[S065] and [S151], both of whom cite [S152].