Husband: James Sitlington
Father: John Sitlington [R513]; see below
Born: Early eighteenth century, in Northern Ireland
Died: 1763, in Bath County Va.

(1996) From [S004], “JAMES SITLINGTON was killed by the Indians in 1763 eleven miles south of the Hot Springs, Va. The Indians came in on a raid from the region of the Ohio River, and got as far as Kerr’s Creek, Rockbridge County, Va., where they were defeated. They scalped James Sitlington, whose body was found with two dead Indians beside it. After their defeat the Indians were overtaken at Hickman’s farm on Back Creek, Bath Co., Va. There the Indian who had James Sitlington’s scalp was killed and the scalp was recovered. It was easily recognized by the splendid auburn hair. As late as 1880, more than one hundred years after James’ death, the old Sitlingtons boasted proudly, that, in his youthful strength and prowess, James killed both of those Indians before he died himself.”

I have some doubts of the relationship given here by Sterrett [S004]. If James’s father William Sitlington came to Virginia in 1761 as a young man, a son of his would hardly be old enough to be killing Indians in 1763. Of course William might have been in his 40s or 50s when he emigrated. Also, Sterrett makes no mention of the fate of the James Sitlington that was one of John Sitlington Sr.’s [R513] four sons who came to America. It seems possible to me that the James Sitlington who was killed in an Indian raid was William’s brother rather than his son, and I have so indicated in the family tree of Fig. R512a.