Husband: John Sitlington, Sr.
Father: Alexander Sitlington [R514]
Mother: Charlotte (Halden) Sitlington [R514]
Born: Very roughly 1700, in Northern Ireland
Died: Eighteenth century, in Northern Ireland

First wife: ?

William Sitlington
James Sitlington [R515]

Second wife: ?

Andrew Sitlington
John Sitlington, Jr. [R512]

(1996) “John Sitlington Sr. lived and died at Ballystone, near Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Though born in Ireland, he was a pure-blooded Scot. John Sr. did not immigrate to America, but all four of his sons came to Bath County Va.” [S004].

John’s birthdate above (from [S004]) can’t be right if John’s parents were born about or before 1600, as [R514] says.