Husband: Powhattan A. Tolley
Died: ? Buried at Mingo Cemetery, W.Va.

Wife: Sarah (Wood) Tolley
Father: Edward Wood [R003]
Mother: Sarah (Gilliland) Wood [R003]
Born: 7/8/1821
Died: ? Buried at Mingo Cemetery, WV

Married: 11/25/1841, in Bath County. Surety, James Wood. Edward
    Wood consents for his daughter Sarah. Witnesses, James Wood and
    John C. Wood [S002].

Elvira E. Tolley, b. ~1843, m. 8/24/1870 to Absalom Simmons (b.
    ~1846, s. of Adam and Tabatha Simmons)
Sarah Francis Tolley, 12/25/1843-2/9/1877, buried at Mingo Cemetery
Marian or Marion P. Tolley, b. 1846
Martha A. (Patsie) Tolley, b. 1847
James Franklin Tolley, b. 6/18/1849, m. 1870 to Melischia Havener
    (12/20/1854-6/21/1917), dau. Birdelia m. 1/1/1895 to Davis E. Wood
    (grandson of Tommy E. Wood; see [R261])
Eugenia Tolley, b. ~1852
Andrew S. Tolley, b. ~1855
George W. Tolley, b. ~1856
Virginia C. Tolley, b. 1859
Webster M. Tolley, b. 1862
Henry Clay Tolley, b. 1865
Hensen Tolley, b. 1867

(1996) Apparently the Tolleys lived in Randolph County before the Woods got there. According to [S087], “...the first saw-mill in Mingo was built by Edward Woods and John Smiley at the Laurel Thicket, on H. C. Tolley place, near Valley Head, in 1822.” It would be interesting to know how Powhattan Tolley met Sarah Wood, who is unlikely to have made the trips from Bath to Randolph County that her father did.

In 1850 the Edward Wood estate gave (for $1) Powhatan and Sarah Tolley a tract of land in Edward’s Wedge Lot [R913]. Area T1 in Fig. R361b approximates this tract.

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