Husband: Edward Burton Tyree
Father: Samuel F. Tyree, 1840-3/1912, m. 9/12/1865, lived in
     Greenbriar County W.V.
Mother: Sabina Creigh (Feamster) Tyree
Born: 7/30/1866
Died: 11/3/1914

Wife: Mary Lewis (Handley) Tyree
Father: Austin Handley
Mother: Mary Elizabeth (Bell) Handley
Born: 8/24/1866
Died: 8/8/1945

Married: 6/12/1900

Austin Creigh Tyree, 8/19/01-1/4/72 [R561]
Elizabeth (Syde) Barton (Tyree) Rees, 1904-9/21/1995, m. 1935.

Edward’s mother, Sabina Creigh Feamster, traced her line back to her great-great grandfather Thomas Feamster (1715-1797) and great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Sitlington (~1720-~1812), who were born in Scotland and emigrated to Bath County Va. Elizabeth Sitlington is not simply related to the other Sitlingtons discussed in this document; it appears that her line branched off from theirs in the old country. Other great-great-grandparents of Sabina Feamster were born in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Yorkshire, and came to Bath and Rockbridge Counties, New Jersey, and Maryland. Several of the children of this generation of immigrants fought in the Revolutionary War, including William Feamster (~1741-11/8/1801), a son of Thomas and Elizabeth, who was a Private in the 14th Virginia Regiment. This generation of Sabina’s ancestors moved from Bath and Botetourt Counties Va. to Greenbriar County Va. (now W.V.).

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