Husband: Cyrus Cary
Father: James Cary [R577]
Mother: Elizabeth (Gregory) Cary [R577]
Born: 2/13/1827 in Greenbrier County W.V.
Died: 1/8/1916 in Putnam County W.V.

Wife: Rhoda Frances (Franklin) Cary
Father: John Franklin [R575]
Mother: Sallie Bondurant [R575]
Born: 10/6/1826, in Buckingham County Va.
Died: 6/24/1903, in Kanawha County W.V.

Married: 4/10/1856, in Kanawha County W.V.

Children (from the Cary family Bible, via [S065]):
James Robert Cary, b. 2/10/1857, m. Emma H. Plunkett 4/20/1879
Sallie Elizabeth Cary, b. 10/12/1858, m. 5/5/1880 to Milton W.
     Young (5/29/1837-9/3/1892)
John Wesley Marshall Cary [R573]
Nettie Blanch Cary, b. 12/13/1862, m. John W. Entsminger
Emily Eleanor Cary, 9/8/1865-5/10/1905, m. Lewis Entsminger
Ida Lee Cary, b. 12/21/1867, m. J. Kenna Jones 11/6/1890
Agee Bondurant Cary, b. 4/17/1870, m. Mary Deuble 5/7/1902

Note that children Nettie and Emily married Entsmingers, with the same family name as that of Rebecca Young Entsminger of Rockbridge County Va. [R004], wife of Frances Marion Wood and James Francis Reynolds. The 1900 census shows John and Nettie Entsminger living
in Charleston W.V. with 6 children, and Lewis and Emma Entsminger living in Putnam County W.V. with 3 children [S071]. Though [S038] describes a huge number of branches and twigs of the Entsminger family, it does not include these particular twigs, and a relationship to the Rockbridge County Entsmingers has not been established.

Source: [S038, S065]