Husband: John Robert Sitlington Sterrett (Fig. R524a)
Father: Robert Dunlap Sterrett [R523]
Mother: Nancy Snyder (Sitlington) Sterrett [R523]
Born: 3/4/1851 at Haywood, near the Rockbridge Baths Va.
Died: 1914

Wife: Josephine Moseley (Quarrier) Sterrett
Born: 4/2/1861 in Charleston W.V.

Married: 3/1/1892

Daphne Theodora Sterrett, b. 12/7/1893 in Amherst Mass.
Anassa Eugenia Sterrett, b. 10/5/1895 in Amherst Mass.
Marika Quarrier Sterrett, b. 6/1/1899 in Amherst Mass.
Phoebe Cabell Sterrett, b. 9/23/1902 in Ithaca N.Y.

(1996) J. R. S. Sterrett, a distinguished classical and archeological scholar, compiled the exhaustive document on The Sitlington Family [S004] that I have quoted extensively, even travelling to Northern Ireland in the late 19th century to visit cousins whose forebears stayed behind. In his own entry in [S004] Sterrett says, “For a history of his career see any Who’s Who.” Following his advice, I found the entry shown in Fig. R524b in the 1914-1915 volume of Who’s Who.