Andrew Crawford
Father: Nathan Crawford [R506]
Mother: Jean (Sitlington) Crawford [R506]
Born: 6/4/1792
Died: 7/23/1851


(1996) The 1820 and 1830 censuses show Andrew’s household also included a woman in his age category. It is possible that his unmarried sister Mary Ann Crawford lived with him after his father died.

In his will (WB5-409), Andrew Crawford directs his executor to liquidate his real property and divide the proceeds equally between his nephews and nieces: Nathan Crawford [R509], James and Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth Pogue, and Rebecca Eperson, all living in Indiana; and five Cleeks and one Matheny, all in Virginia except for Andrew Cleek in California. He makes lesser bequests to his sisters Martha (Patsy) Burger [R505] and Elizabeth (Betsy) Cleek, three Burger nephews, and his sister-in-law Peggy Crawford of Indiana.

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