Husband: William Crawford
Father: Nathan Crawford [R506]
Mother: Jean Crawford [R506]
Born: 3/6/1778

Wife: Rebecca (Bratten) Crawford

Nathan Crawford [R509]
Andrew Crawford, d. 9/13/1854

Nathan Crawford deeded the Bath County house described in [S044] (Fig. R505a) to his son William in 1803. The Bath County censuses show two boys less than 10 in the household in 1810, and in 1820 six boys, two girls, and one slave. According to [S025] William is the only son of the Bath County Nathan and Jean Crawford who married, so I conclude that the Indiana Nathan [R509] and Andrew Crawford, cousins of William C. Burger, were children of his.

[S137] says that William Crawford owned 100 acres of land on the Cowpasture River joining the lands of Nathan Crawford and John Hughart, 1814-1829. 1829 is when he deeded the property to his brother-in-law Joseph Burger [R505].

William witnessed the signing of a deed by his brother Samuel Crawford [R511] in Wayne County Indiana in 1818. He may only have been visiting Indiana, or he and Rebecca may have settled there; I am unclear on where they lived after they deeded their Bath County house to Joseph Burger in 1829. His brother Samuel makes reference to him being in “the Indiana” about 1825. However, William Crawford and Rebecca Bratton, using her maiden name, were listed among communicants of the Windy Cove Church in 1833 [S048].

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