Husband: Fremont Houston Reynolds [Figs. R456a, R456b]
Father: James F. Reynolds [R004]
Mother: Rebecca Y. Reynolds [R004]
Born: 4/7/1876 in Bath County, Va.
Died: 1/23/1952 in Washington DC

Wife: Martha E. (Britton) Reynolds
Born: 1/22/1893 in Rogersville, Tenn.
Died: 3/31/1927 in Washington DC

Married: 2/5/1907, in Bell County, Ky.

James Ford Reynolds, b. 1/30/1908 in Sherman, Tex., d. 7/15/1944 in     Colonial Beach, Md., m. Dorothy __; ch. Kay and Jonathan (?)
Jesse H. Reynolds, b. 4/7/1910 in Sherman, Tex., d. 5/1953 in Suitland     Md., m. Eileen __, ch. Melvin, Ronnie, Clark
Besse E. Reynolds, b. 4/7/1910 in Sherman, Tex., d. 11/27/1944 in     Catawba Va., s. Jack
Edith Reynolds, b. 6/15/1912 in Waco, Tex., d. 9/1976 in Saxton, Pa.,     m. Jacob Rogers, ch. Lillian (m. __ Brown; d. 1995), Margaret (m. __     Hildibridel), Jacob (Jake, d. 1988)
Katherine Elisabeth Reynolds, b. 6/13/1914 in Waco, Tex., m. Frank     Herring (12/23/1914-7/13/1982), ch. Katherine Elisabeth (b.     7/13/1934), Barbara Francis (11/10/1936-10/31/1937), Barbour     Franklin (Skeeter; b. 22/20/1938), Bradford Fremont (b. 10/14/1944)
Richard E. Reynolds, b. 9/10/1917 in Richmond, Va., d. 6/12/1995 in     Washington DC. M. 1st Louise Bennet (d. 1936); m. 2nd Mary Ellen     Sanford (b. 1923, d. 5/31/1970 in Hyattsville Md.), ch. Michael,     Steve, Michelle (~1956-1972); m. 3rd Edna Mary Work, d. 3/31/1991     in Maryland
Walter Joseph Reynolds, b. 9/6/1923 [R458]
William Franklin Reynolds, b. 9/6/1923 in Rockby, King George     County, Va., m. Myrtle Irene Johnson (b. 10/16/1925 in Brooklyn,     N.Y.). Ch. Lorelei Leigh, b. 7/19/1951 in Bay Shores, N.Y., m. 1st     Evaristo Novelo, 9/20/1973, in Mexico City, div. 1980 (son Evaristo,     b. 6/26/1974, changed his name to William Czajka), m. 2nd Brian     Harold Czajka, 2/14/1981 (dau. Kristin Leigh, b. 11/16/1983);     Melinda Irene, b. 11/11/1959, m. Kevin Robert Luedtke 7/31/1983
Juanita Rebecca Reynolds, b. 8/14/1926 in Wakefield, Va., d. 10/1990     in Arlington Va., m. Oscar W. Clopton (b. 7/14/1945 and d.     12/9/1979 in Arlington, Va.), ch. William Joseph (b. 2/27/1946 and d.     12/4/1946 in Arlington, Va.) and Martha Louise (b. 3/3/1947 in     Arlington Va., m. 1st Joe Bensky, div. 1977, m. 2nd Charles Lam,     6/11/1978)

(1996) Walter Reynolds [R458] says of his father, “Houston F. Reynolds was a master carpenter by trade. During his early years he worked for the railroad as a carpenter. At that time (1906/07) he became a friend of the Britton family, and in 1907 he married their eldest daughter Martha. For the next 9 years he moved with the railroad all the way to Texas, but by 1917 he returned to the Virginia area. His first five children were born in Texas. Thereafter he worked as a carpenter and part-time farmer in King George County, Virginia. Later he moved his family to Fairfax County, where again he worked as a carpenter and raised turkeys. In 1927 his wife Martha died, leaving him a widower with 9 children, the oldest being 19 years and the youngest 8 months old. Houston remained a widower the rest of his life. He was a very hard worker, always tried to provide for his family, and instilled in them by example fairness, good work habits, and integrity. As a hobby he played the fiddle and mouth harmonica. He could cut hair as well as or better than most barbers. By WWII most of his children had married, the exceptions being Walter and William (twin brothers) and Juanita. By 1944 Houston lived with his oldest son James at Colonial Beach Va. When James was killed in 1944 in an explosion at his place of business Houston returned to the Washington DC area, where he died in 1952.”

Source: [S071]