Husband: James O. (Jim) Wood [Figs. R451a, c]
Father: Francis Marion Wood [R004]
Mother: Rebecca (Entsminger) Wood [R004]
Born: 10/26/1858
Died: 9/29/1941, buried in Windy Cove Cemetery, Bath County Va.

Wife: Annie L. Gwinn [Fig. R451a]
Father: John W. Gwinn
Mother: Emeline Gwinn
Born: 5/6/1865
Died: 1/9/1924, buried in Windy Cove Cemetery

Married: 5/18/1881, at the residence of her parents. J. J. Crickenberger,
   minister [S052]

Bernie M. Wood, 3/27/1897-4/21/1961, buried in Windy Cove     Cemetery. M. Mable __.
David I. (D.I.) Wood, m. __(Pete)__, ch. Curtis, Calvin, John D. Died     1993.
Edna Wood, m. Homer Lucas (a miller), ch. Valley, Donald, Hugh
Una (pronounced “You-na”) Wood, 4/10/1888-4/27/1967, m. Edwin     Rush White (8/9/1890-7/4/1953), lived in the “White house” [R020],     ch. Edwin Revercomb (Jimmy), Mourine Estelle (m. 1st Hugh
    Sutton, 2nd __ Pfifer).
Georgia (Georgie) Wood, m. 1st Edward Douglas, 2nd __ Goodwin.     Ch. __ Reva, Hortense.
Darius Wood [Fig. R451a, b], m. Carlie Cornelia Callahan, lived in     Clifton Forge Va., ch. Virginia Ann, Betty Mae, Richard Wilson,     Robert Preston, Eleanor Jean
Merritt Wood [Fig. R451a, b], m. Ruth Simmons, ch. Helen,     McKinley, Kenneth, Anna Winn, Lindenberg

On 4/3/1880, shortly before he was married, Jim Wood sold his share of his father’s (Francis Marion Wood’s) estate to Mathew P. Surber for $600 (DB16-84). It’s unclear where he was living at that time. On 2/2/1889 he bought 193 acres of land on Mill Creek from his mother and stepfather, James and Rebecca Reynolds, for $1700 to be paid over time (DB16-513, 514). Mill Creek follows Rte. 39 much of the way between Millboro Springs and Goshen Va. This must be where James and Rebecca had been living after they left the White House [see R004]; presumably Jim and Annie then took up residence there. They sold the property to James W. Cox for $1000 on 2/13/1904 (DB21-58, 59), and on 4/6/1905 they bought 505 acres of Cowpasture River land from James A. Crizer for $4000 (DB21-380). This farm, which is shown in the Fig. R005b map, neighbored on the property of Jim’s brother Lewis Edward Wood [R005].

Source: [S007]