Husband: William Reynolds
Father: Michael Reynolds [R404]
Mother: Nancy (Tolly) Reynolds [R404]
Born: 1806
Died: 1883, of heart disease

Wife: Sally (Armentrout) Reynolds
Father: Charles Armentrout
Born: 1812

Married: 11/8/1832

Known children:
James Reynolds, b. ~1834
John Reynolds, 4/16/1837-7/5/10, m. Rebecca P. Knick, 4/17/1845-
    9/29/23, dau. of John and Mary Tolley Knick
Michael Reynolds, b. ~1839
Nancy Reynolds, b. ~1841
Polly A. Reynolds, b. ~1844
William L. Reynolds, b. ~1846
Sarah Reynolds, b. ~1848
Joseph S. Reynolds, b. ~1850

Sources: [S071, S131]