Husband: Lewis Clark Entsminger
Father: David Entsminger [R402]
Mother: Mary (Clark) Entsminger [R402]
Born: 3/25/1809, in Rockbridge County Va.
Died: 8/3/1894, in Rockbridge County Va.

Wife: Margaret (Peggy) (Ford) Entsminger
Father: James Ford
Mother: Ann (Standoff) Ford
Born: 6/7/1811
Died: 5/3/1895

Married: 2/22/1831, in Rockbridge County Va.

James F. Entsminger, 1831-1881 [R407]
Martha A. Entsminger, 11/9/1833-12/30/04, unmarried
Rebecca Y. Entsminger, 3/27/1839-9/25/01 [R004]
Nancy E. Entsminger, 10/17/1841-8/10/17, m. James S. Armstrong
   (b. 1838) 7/17/1860
David Entsminger, b. 1844
Alexander Entsminger, b. 1844 or 1847, d. 7/10/14, unmarried
Virginia E. Entsminger, 3/18/1850-4/23/1892; m. 2/20/1873 to
   Addison Reynolds (b. 1850), half brother to James F. Reynolds
Lewis M. Entsminger, b. 1853, m. Mary F. __ (8/9/1852-11/27/1877)

(1996) Margaret Ford was the sister of Mary A. Ford, who married Alexander Entsminger [R406]. Lewis and Margaret Entsminger and their children worshiped at the Presbyterian Church in Collierstown, Rockbridge County Va. The church cemetery, which is quite large, contains many Entsminger graves, including those of Margaret Entsminger, James F. Entsminger, and Martha A. Entsminger (the birth and death dates given are from their gravestones). Curiously, there is also a stone for a Rebecca Y. Entsminger (3/10/1839-6/22/1896), whose birthdate was only 17 days removed from that of the Rebecca Y. Entsminger [R004] of this narrative who is buried in the Goshen Baptist Church Cemetery.

Lewis Entsminger’s will (entered 7/25/1894) disposes of his estate in detail, including: “I will unto my daughter Rebeca Reynolds the some of ten dollars.” (Others got hundreds of dollars, but still others got only $5.)

Source: [S071]