Husband: Samuel Porter Wilson
Father: John Wilson [R380]
Mother: Jane (Porter) Wilson [R380]
Born: 7/30/1796 in Rockbridge County Va.
Died: 6/13/1873 in Muncie Ind.

Wife: Elizabeth Crook (Quinn) Wilson
Born: 1/21/1801 near Augusta, Ga.
Died: 6/24/1890 in Muncie, Ind.

Luther Baughman Wilson, b. 10/31/1831 in Eaton, Ohio, d.
     6/24/1887 in Muncie, Ind.
Mary Elizabeth Wilson, b. 2/19/1834 in Eaton, Ohio, d. 12/17/1901
     in Muncie, Ind. M. John Williams Burson 2/19/1851-9/21/1872, ch.
     John Edward and Elisabeth.
Clarissa Jane Wilson, b. 3/13/1836 in Eaton, Ohio, d. 5/1904. M.
     Charles Wesley Moore 11/6/1861 in Muncie, Ind. Ch. Charles
     Edward and Mary Elizabeth.
Samuel Ambrose Wilson, b. 6/8/1846 in Eaton, Ohio, d. 5/19/1891 in
     Muncie, Ind. M. Katherine Hoover of New Castle Ind. 2/27/1873.
     Ch. (Mrs. Channing Ward) and Edward Burson Wilson.
Ann Katherine Wilson, b. 11/6/1839 in Eaton, Ohio.

Samuel Porter Wilson served in the War of 1812 under Captain James
Paxton. His regiment, commanded by Colonel James McDowell, was
marched from Rockbridge County to army headquarters at Richmond. There it was attached to a regiment commanded by Colonel Coleman and sent to reconnoiter an area between the Rappahonock and
Potomac Rivers. Thereafter it remained at Richmond until Wilson was discharged in December 1814.

In later years Wilson moved to Ohio and then Indiana, where he died.

Source: [S181]