Husband: Joseph T. Wood
Father: Edward Wood [R003]
Mother: Sarah (Gilliland) Wood [R003]
Born: 8/17/1813

Wife: Lucy (__) Wood

(1996) Little is known of Joseph and his sister America [R364], who as young people moved east to Powhatan County (~20 miles W of Richmond) to live. They remained close, because Joseph’s name appears in connection with the financial trouble America’s husband got in. In 1849, the Edward Wood heirs gave (for $1) 186 acres of land from the Randolph County Wedge Lot to Joseph (tract J1 in Fig. R361b; DB18-75), as his share of the estate. I don’t think he ever occupied the land; he probably sold it, but I haven’t seen the deed.

It would be good to learn more of these two lost sheep.

Sources: [S030, S031]