Husband: James Gilliland
Born: 1745
Died: Fall of 1810. His will was signed 3/1/1810.

Wife: Susannah (Susanne, Susanna) (Young) Gilliland
Father: John Young [R301]
Mother: Agnes Elizabeth Young [R301]
Died: 6/18/1842

Married: 6/13/1768, Lancaster County Pa. [S012]

John Gilliland, b. 11/11/1768. M. first Polly Martin; second Margaret
    (Peggy) Barclay Paxton, 9/30/1797 in Botetourt County; third
    Sarah Walker, 4/2/1804 in Botetourt County
William Gilliland, b. 10/7/1771, d. 1800. M. Nancy Johnson (1773-
    1854), ch. Susan Young, Phillip Johnson, James
Jane (Jenny) Gilliland, b. 1/3/1773, d. 1858. M. Jacob Lemon (1763-
    1848) 1/2/1797 in Botetourt County, ch. James Gilliland (1811-
    1882), Andrew (1805-1847)
Samuel Gilliland, b. 4/28/1775, d. 1845. M. Mary (or Nancy) G.
    Haynes (1781-1848) 1/28/1800 in Botetourt County. Ch. Agnes,
    Durquid, Juliet, James, Samuel, Unice
Henry Gilliland, b. 1777, m. Nancy Haynes, 7/17/1800
Nancy Gilliland [R304], b. 3/20/1779, d. 1860
Susannah Gilliland, b. 5/3/1781, d. 1853. M. John Shanklin 1/7/1805
    in Botetourt County
James Gilliland, b. 8/10/1783, or 1785, d. 1854. M. Polly Karnes
    8/13/1812 in Botetourt County, ch. James Wesley (1835-1908),
    Jacob (1821-1854), John H., Samuel, Sarah, Mary, Mariah
Shepherd Gilliland [R303], b. 2/13/1786, d. 1882
Sally (Sarah) Gilliland [R003], b. 5/12/1788, d. 1850
Joseph Gilliland, b. 12/23/1790, d. 1838. M. Mahaleth Griffith, ch.
    William H. (1830-), Hazel (1833-), James M. (1835-), Lucy (1838-)
Elizabeth Gilliland
, b. 3/6/1792, M. John Carson (Carnes? Karnes?),
    either no children [S012] or s. John Carnes b. 4/16/1813 in
    Botetourt County [S081]
Polly Gilliland, b. 1796. M. first John Hopkins, second Samuel Smith,

(1996) The fragmentary and undocumented record I have found says James Gilliland and Susannah Young were married in Lancaster County Pa., and later migrated to Rockingham County and then Botetourt County Va.. Their son Shepherd Gilliland deposed after James’s death that he had served in the Revolutionary War: “...James was drafted in the company of Capt. George Houston; again he performed a tour in McIntosh’s campaign; refer to the affidavit of Jacob Lemon, a pensioner.” Connie Metheny of the Bath County Historical Society says the records of this family would be in the Augusta County Courthouse.

Twelve of the Gilliland children are named in James’s will [S010]: Shepherd and Joseph divided James’s plantation in Botetourt County after his death, also each got a horse and saddle; they were enjoined to support Susannah for the rest of her life. Sally [R003] received one cow. James received a horse worth $50. Betsy and Mary each received furniture, a horse and a saddle. John, William, Samuel, Fency (?), Nancy, and Susannah each received $1. All assets left after this division of property went to James’s wife Susannah. Unlike other wills of that time and place, no slaves are mentioned. At the time the will was written, ~1845, six of the children were still alive:

Shepherd Gilliland [R303]
Jenny Lemon, wife of Jacob Lemon, in Botetourt County
Nancy Lemon [R304], wife of Conrad Lemon, in Alleghany County
Susannah Shanklin, widow of John Shanklin, in Botetourt County
Sarah (Sally) Wood [R003], wife of Edward Wood, in Bath County
Elizabeth (Betsy) Carnes, wife of John Carnes, in Monroe County.

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