Husband: Lewis Payne
Father: Lewis Payne, 1/31/1761-6/8/1834
Mother: Nancy Davis, 1775-11/15/1827; dau. of Richard Davis of
    Fauquier County and Sabina Harrison of Bath County; m. Lewis
    Payne 1794
Born: 3/10/1811
Died: 5/21/1865, in Falling Springs Va.

Wife: Louisa Susannah (Peck) Payne
Father: Jacob Peck, 11/6/1770-6/17/1846
Mother: Malinda Givens, 1/1/1783-1827

Married: 1/28/1833

William Lewis Payne, b. 10/1/1833, d. 8/28/1834 in Bath County
George Harrison Payne, b. 2/16/1835, d. 2/7/03 in Alleghany
    County, m. Augusta Hobbs
Malinda Elizabeth Payne, b. 11/19/1836, d. in Arkansas, m. James
Charles Henry Payne, b. 8/28/1839, d. 1/12/03 in Missouri, m. Sarah
    Isabelle Dunlap
James Preston Payne, b. 6/28/1840, d. 2/26/1897 in Giles County
    Va., m. March C. Carpenter
Lewis Payne, b. 3/6/1842, d. 8/27/1898 in Alleghany County, m.
    Eugenia St. Claire Boswell
William Givens Payne, b. 11/16/1843, d. 12/28/23 in Bath County, m.
    Fulvia Spiller
Martha Louise Payne, b. 9/20/1845, d. 8/20/1862 in Bath County
Sabina Payne [R256], b. 8/27/1847, d. 7/1/02 in Botetourt County, m.
    James Archelius Wood*
Anna Virginia Payne, b. 9/28/1849, d. 11/16/23 in Missouri, m.
    Seabrook Dunlap*
Alice Francis Payne, b. 9/8/1851, d. 10/29/30 in Missouri, m. John
    Turner Wells
John Benjamin Franklin Payne, b. 7/31/1853, d. 9/16/29 in Missouri
Thomas Green Payne, b. 7/31/1855, d. 3/3/1857 in Bath County
Mary Isabel Payne, b. 1/20/1858, d. 1/5/20 in Farmville Va., m.
    William Francis Harris
Daniel Peck Payne, b. 1/8/1860, d. 6/22/20 in Missouri, m. Anna
Margaret Lena Payne, b. 9/18/1862, d. in Missouri? m. Ferguson G.
(What a reproductive span!)

* A double wedding.

(1996) The Lewis Payne line in Bath County originally came from King George County and the Rappahanock River. The progenitor of the line was John Payne, who came from England and settled on the Rappahanock around 1650 and was buried in what is now Westmoreland County around 1690. Lewis Payne’s grandfather was Gen. John Payne, b. 1693, who married Sabina Lewis.

Louisa Peck was from the Peck/Bordan family of Botetourt County. Jacob Peck’s family came from Ebingen, Germany to Maryland about 1740. The name in Germany was Beck, but was changed to Peck in America.

Lewis and Louisa Payne settled in Bath County and had 16 children. About half of their children removed together to Missouri upon their marriages.

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